Suzi Morris


Location: London

Suzi Morris is of Scottish origin, born in the town of Ayr. She gained a First class degree in Illustration and Design at Kingston University before working as a design consultant in London. More recently working as Art Director for Film. It was whilst working in the film industry that her interest in the means of expressing depth, emotion and mood to a static canvas was generated, and she returned to her practice of Painting.

If there is one subject common to Suzi Morris’s paintings, it is painting as a performance itself. The paint constitutes the subject in her principal endeavours to encourage introspection to both mental and physical realms of existence.

The classical claim is that a Sublime experience is one that slips out of conventional understanding, an event that leaves us devoid of the ability to express a thought or sensation in attempting to comprehend a moment: gobsmacked. The Sublime is also something so limitless, dangerous or grand that it can inspire fear, awe or veneration.

Drawing upon some of the most humbling experiences in her life, witnessed through her work overseas, it is the responses to such events that leave us no other option than expressing them through paint

Today Suzi is living in London having recently completed an MA in Fine Art Painting at the prestigious City & Guilds of London Art School.


2013 Affordable Art Fair
2013 The Other Art Fair.
2013 Selected for Henley Festival of Arts
2012 The Wharf Gallery Devon
2011 The Other Art Fair. Ambika P3 London
2011 Untitled Art Fair. Chelsea London