Location: Hackney
Website: www.studionelle.com

Studio Nelle is owned by Chanelle Joseph.

AESTHETICS & WEARABILITY / The aesthetics of STUDIO NELLE are understated, yet bold, uncomplicated, but still practical, creating an equilibrium between British style and Caribbean and African heritage and culture. Each piece is carefully designed to be timeless and accessible so to be incorporated in your every-day lives.

RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION / Each item is handcrafted using leather reclaimed from the fashion industry. By creating pieces from materials that already exist in abundance in the world, we are saying no to wasteful production practices that harm our environment. It’s our way of promoting reuse and recycling in the fashion community.

MANIFESTO / The future is always informed by the past, a manifesto which is at the heart of Studio Nelle. Valuing historic artefacts and the stories held in our heritage as a way to process our identity in a modern world. We should be able to exist in the world in a way that upholds our ancestors whilst being kind to the nature where they exists. So here at Studio Nelle we design pieces to help you connect to your heritage everyday including the Mr Benjamin Brown Wallet, Punu Wristlet Purse, Moon Series Brooch Pin and Proverbs Journals. Meaning you get to live your life whilst being kind to the planet in the process.

WORKSHOPS / We believe everyone should have a creative outlet in order to sustain a healthy well-being. Making with your hands can reduce stress, increase self-esteem and boost confidence. Chanelle introduces participants to the art of leather craft as her way of promoting a more conscious and mindful lifestyle through a creative outlet.


Diaspora - New Ashgate Gallery