Stephen Buggle

Location: Bow Arts, London E3

My paintings are abstract and are informed by what is going on around me, particularly modern architecture with its grey, white, black and silver buildings with stainless steel and glass facades. I am attracted to the simplicity and clarity of modern architectural forms, with their elimination of unnecessary detail and decoration, use of space, light and proportion and the contrasting of materials. It is the relationship between the different buildings, their close proximity, their cohabitation of the skyline and how they create, use, divide and balance enclosed and open spaces, that interests me.

Common to my work is the juxtaposing of flat areas of colour, the use of space and edge, and the balancing of elements across the picture plane.

I am interested in exploring the shifting relationship between figure and ground, solid and void, light and dark, and creating different layers of depth inside and outside the picture plane. i want my paintings to give the feeling that something is happening on the surface, behind the surface and beyond the surface.

I was born in Gateshead, County Durham, studied Fine Art at Reading University and more recently have practiced at Slade School of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, City Lit, East London Printmakers, the London Print Studio and CASS. I am a member of East London Printmakers and the Espacio Gallery, East London.

Examples of my work can be seen at


The Art Party Conference, The Spa, Scarborough November 2013.
Public Acts, Espacio Gallery, London, December 2013.
Material Matters, Espacio Gallery, April 2014.
Summer Show, CASS, May 2014
Bow Arts Open Studios June 2014
Summer Abstractions, Espacio Gallery, August 2014