Stefania Tasca

Location: London

I'm a photographer based in London, graduate in Photojournalism at the London College of Communication. I have been taking professional photographs for the past five years. I have a vast experience in the field of photography. I am skilled in all camera techniques and processes, as well as have ample experience in photographic printing and photography exhibition. I have a keen interest in photography and a strong visual awareness and I'm skilled in image-manipulation and image-management software.

My photos are a mix of colour and humour, that deals with details without inhibition and show my own perspective of the society we live in. I like to create that intimate approach to the viewer, producing images that show different perceptions of cultures and lifestyles, always trying to keep my photos honest and real. I’ve spent the last few years travelling all over the world, enjoying the actual experience of spending time with my subjects and listening to their stories.


Antidote, London 2015
Soft, London 2015
Modern Panic, London, 2014
Brooom Gallery, London, 2013
Temporary Autonomous Arts, Bristol, 2012
Lab Noia Photographers Collective, Milano, 2011