Spike McLarrity

Location: London
Website: http://www.spikemclarrity.com/

Spike is a live art performance artist, painter, needle worker, film and photographer amongst many things he is also white rabbit. His work also includes working with different artists and performance artists in collaborations from across the world.

Spike and his alter ego (I am white rabbit) has been known to sit on a wall by the river Thames in South West London, or appear on the boundaries of his community every first of the month. This is an on going performance, greeting in the month ahead, based on the myth White rabbit, White rabbit, White rabbit. Regardless if its raining, snowing, sunshine you will find the rabbit sitting greeting the morning traffic, people heading to work, school, college. He has been doing this since November 2015, waving from 7am until 8am.

2006 Spike did a foundation in the arts at Kingston University where he met his collaborator the artist, photographer Shaman Alex Chase White, and then continued with a three year fine art degree at Kingston. After graduating in 2010 Spike attended various live art workshops at Toynbee studios in London supported by Arts Admin who ran funded weekend workshops. As well as supporting artists such as, Charlie Murphy and Brian Catling and Dr Yoshiko Shimada. In 2011 Spike did a full time one year MA in performance and visual practice at Brighton University and passed with a Distinction in 2012, and currently practices as a full time live art performance artist, performing and holding exhibitions.

Spike does not receive any funding or support from art organisations or Lottery Funding or even Arts Council Funding. He is self funded, self motivated and proactive in the arts. Spike self funds a one month residency in Japan since 2015 where he travels and performs throughout Japan. Founder of Thames Artists since 2005 bringing local and international artists together. From 2010 Thames Artists now functions as a nomadic, transient group where group members collaborate working together with conceptual and performative ideas, to bring artists who live and work on the flow of the Thames River. Breaking down boundaries of what is expected of artists, what kind of visual art and performative art that is expected. The group comes and goes, contributing at a moment of time that the door of opportunity presents them.

In September 2018 Spike made his first visit to the Philippines where he performed with the artist Crece Dimayuga Roldan and Sam Penaso and held artists talks and lectures in a local school. May 2019 Spike returned to Japan where he performed and exhibited his work in a local gallery. In November 2019 Spike was invited to take part in the first ever Islamabad Arts Festival in Pakistan where he won an award for his performance "Behind the mask of white rabbit becomes a shaman" This was his first time in Islamabad to a very warm welcome.


COVID19 April 2020 on lockdown. Began writing blog: http://www.spikemclarrity.com/art-blog

March 2020 Touring with NIPAF (Nipon International Art Festival 20) Japan.

November 2019 performance/art workshops and performance of Behind the mask of white rabbit is a shaman at https://www.islamabadartfestival.com/

November 2019 Behind the mask of white rabbit in collaboration with Jonny Danciger at https://www.osoarts.org.uk/

October 2017 I will be Japan: watch this space.

August 13th -19th Dunbar art trail showing artworks also performing white rabbit. Scotland http://dunbarstreetarttrail.co.uk/

August 11th White rabbit in Middrige near Newton Aycliffe Co-Durham.

1st July 2017
​​First of the month, white rabbit durational waving piece between Barnes Bridge and White Heart Pub in Barnes London UK. 7-8am

1st & 2nd July 2017
​​LBR upon Thames Open house art exhibition: 10-5 both days
​Joint exhibition with Katherine Cleave: www.kcleave.com​ 
Rose House, 70 Barnes High Street, Barnes, SW13 9LD

1st Jan, 1st Feb, 1st March, 1st April, 1st May,1st June 2017
​first of the month, White Rabbit durational waving piece between Barnes Bridge and the White Heart Pub in Barnes London UK. 7-8am

October 29th  2016
TOKYO TOWER (White rabbit popping the moon) Televised live from the tower.
October 23rd 2016
ART SPACE BAR BUENA TOKYO ( Live performance of Maddo Distorted Memories)

October 18th-23rd Art Space Bar Buena Tokyo 2016
Solo Exhibition and installation Queen B and the shrine to imperfection

April 12th 2015
A collaborative evening with
Marina Sossi (curator)
Allan Sutherland (performer)
Ana Berchenhoff (performer)
Stephen Donnelly (performer)
Richard Lewis (performer)
Lucy Thane (performer)
and Spike.
Unit 61 Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road - London E8 4QN

April 4th 2015

Barnes Duck Race: The presence of White Rabbit 2
(most Saturdays throughout the summer you will catch site of white rabbit cycling through Barnes from 10-10.30, just going about his morning chores!)

2015 Performance Tokyo the visionaries with Kosaka Mayu

2015 Art and Devastation Tokyo joint exhibition

2014 performance the visionaries Kosaka Mayu and performance with Yoshio Nakajima.
2014 Mail art Tokyo Japan joint exhibition
15th & 22nd 2013 August North Arts Centre Edinburgh. Talk and workshop.

6th/12th 2013 August Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire. White Rabbits Carrot Den and The Hydroponic Theatre.

12th July 2013 Extraterrestrial Icarus. Written and directed by Charlie Standford. Performed by Spike. East London Limehouse Studios.

27th,28th,29th June 2313. Rossanna Caid Walking and Holding, Battersea Arts Centre. London.

15th June 2013. No Ball Games, performing as White Rabbit. LUPA 20 East London.

1st June 2013.
Story telling with the hydroponic theatre, Barnes Green South West London.

13th April 2013
Extrapool, Nijmegen. The Big Fight, "the only person I am fighting is myself" four hour durational. Along with Dutch artist Paul Geelen.

April 2013
Volunteer Spill festival, London.

April 2013 Rosanna Caid, Walking and Holding, part of spill festival

March 2013
Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University Collaboration with Aine Phillips

April 2013
Volunteer Spill Festival, Ipswhich.

September 2012
Brighton Basement, final MA performance. The Big Fight, The only person I am fighting is myself solo. Five hour duration.

August 26th 2012
Dregs: Spike too part in a small budge horror film, starring Kathryn Prescot from Skins and Jamie Blackley from Snow White and the Huntsman. Where he where he was made up to an armless and spineless Zombie, having had to endure physical pain from having his arms celetaped up for hours!

August 2012
White Rabbits' Passion Stew. A three day spectacular. Three day durational, in collaboration with Alex Chase White.

June 5th 2012
Nickerbocker Glory TV: recording for a pilot television program called Boom Town. Five performance were recorded at Pine Apple studios "Spike gets stuffed"

May 4th,5th,6th 2012
Domestic Bits at The Marlborough Theatre: as part of the Brighton Fringe, in Collaboration with Katie Richardson as well as solo performance of "White Rabbits' Passion Stew"

May 19th,2oth,-26th,27th 2012
Brighton and Hove open house art trail: Site specific performance: Virginie Vincent hosts White Rabbit.

Ocotber 2011
White Night Brighton University: "White Rabbits' Last Supper"

August 2011
Super normal festival: Nomadic Visionary and The love of White Rabbit. Solo

October 2nd 2010
The Visionaries, Kingston Upon Thames: Collaboration with Alex Chase White.

September 19th 2010
Liverpool Central: Solo Guerilla performance "Political
Gob" Also Bluecoat solo Guerilla performance “Get in my mouth" in the court yard.

September 18/19th 2010
Liverpool Biennial: Assisting and performing with Brian Catling Cyclops at The Bluecoat.

August 27th-28th 2010
Selfridges, Oxford Street: Wolf and Badger, artists in
residence The Wonder Room, Concept Store. "The Human Plinth"

August 25th 2010
Glenmalure Hotel: Wicklow Mountains
Ireland "The Nomadic Visionary" Solo

August 20th-21st 2010
Braziers Park Supernormal Festival: Collaboration with Alex Chase White "The Visionaries" Oxfordshire.

JulY 21st-24th 2010
Barbican "You Me Bum Bum Train" various roles

July 19th 2010
Act Art 8: The Islington Metal Works,
performance Collaboration with Ruben Montini, London

June 6th-16th 2010:
Kingston University Degree Show: A series of
improvised performance dealing with a diverse range of political and ecological issues.

June 5th 2010:
Kingston University Degree Show: Three hour
durational piece, solo performance “Three Actions Of identity”

May 19th 2010
Two Brewers: Drag Idol performance, London.

May 16th 2010
No Souls For Sale at Tate Britain, London: ( Guerilla Performance, bleeding the earth)

May 15th 2010
No Souls For Sale at Tate Modern, London: (Guerilla performance with plinth)

April 24th 2010:
Kingston Upon Thames: Collaboration with Alex Chase White“House Warmlips”

February 17th 2010:
Kingston University group show: Solo performance
three hour durational “What are the unknown consequences of giving Blood?”

February 7th 2010:
Copernicium Project Toilet Gallery, Kingston Upon Thames: Collaboration with Raisa Breslava and Acer Su “You, Me, Nobody” a five hour duration piece.

February 4th 2010:
Copernicium Project at the Toilet Gallery, Kingston Upon Thames: Solo performance “The greed of consumerism” And video installation.

February 3rd 2010:
Copernicium Project Toilet Gallery, Kingston Upon
Thames: collaboration with Raisa Breslava and Acer Su “With You, With Me, With Nobody” (Hosted by Alex Chase White)

January 2010:
Barge House, OXO Tower South Bank London: Collaboration with Ruben Montin Live performance.

January 2009:
Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston Upon Thames: Showing of video performance and installation, collaboration
with The artist Yoshiko Shimada and Alex Chase White

March 2009:
Arden and Anstruther Gallery
Petworth: Three live penis printing performance Collaboration with Alex Chase White “Whatever You Think, Think the opposite”

August 2009:
Taiwan University of the arts Summer
Jam: Video installation and live solo performance “No Shadow of a doubt”

September 2009:
Open Realization Live art Festival, Beijing: Collaboration with Yoshiko Shimada “Milk and Honey” Week 6

September 2009:
Open Realization Live art Festival,
Beijing: Solo performance “The Deep Cleaner”Week 7

October 2009:
Kingston University @ The Wee Stage: Collaboration live performance “The Naked Lunch”
With Jacob Dailey and Alex Chase White

November 2009:
Bone Festival, Bern Switzerland: Solo performance