Location: London
Website: www.sophiehoyle.com

Hoyle's work explores the intersection between individual and collective anxieties, and how these may be projected onto or expressed in urban landscapes that are experienced as fragmented, distorted and estranged.
With an interest in processes of de- and re-construction, abstraction and transformation, and the translation between 2D and 3D media, she works with architectural imagery in collage, installation and sculpture. Fragments and components of former works are continuously re-used and re-arranged in relation to one another, building new forms and associations between them.
Hoyle's practice addresses a range of aspects of urban living, from individual phenomenological experiences of the urban landscape, to wider socio-political issues of the built environment, exploring these both artistically and academically. Hoyle has been actively involved with a range of organisations that approach the city and debate its issues (TINAG, Art & Architecture, Archway Investigations and Response), and has taught with Diego Ferrari on the Photography, Art and Architecture course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.



IF NOT NOW: Night Loops II at Legion TV Online, 21 March- 20 April 2013
Uncanny Landscapes, CCC, London, 4th-8th March 2013
HELP/LESS Printed Matter Inc, New York. 14th July-29th September 2012.
Exhibit IV: Tract Projects http://www.tractprojects.co.uk/index.php?/current-project/exhibit-iv/
AND Publishing: Piracy Project at New York Art Book Fair.MoMA PS1, New York 30 September- 2 October 2011.
Out of Context WestGermany, 136 Skalitzerstr., Berlin. 28-30th July 2011.
Before Berlin Kunst rePublick, 36 Kopernickerstr, Berlin. 2nd-3rd July, 2011.
Exhibit III: Tract Projects http://www.tractprojects.co.uk/index.php?/current-project/exhibit-iii
Radio K'bvh;b. Internet Radio. 28th-30th January 2011. http://radiokbvhb.tumblr.com/about
OPEN 14 Cheshire Street, London 
6th- 13th May 2010 http://www.assembly-projects.com/projects/open.html

Bow Arts Trust Graduate Award Residency September 2010- September 2011
AIR (Archway Investigations and Response) 'Mini-Residency' February 2010

//Talks and Articles//
Artists Workshop at Printed Matter Inc. 18th September 2012 'Permission, piracy and creative intervention: Gordon Matta-Clark, GMC Cut I and II and The Piracy Project'. Part of the HELP/LESS Exhibition 2012
'More Real than Reality: Film and Video Technology in Representing the Real'. Short Talk at 'Fragile Realities: Intersecting Interpretations of the Real' SELCS Postgraduate Conference, UCL. 6 July.
'Visual technologies: Artistic Subversion and the Contemporary Urban'. Short Talk, Panel 1c:Urban Technologies at One Day in the City Conference, UCL. 15 June 2012
Fractured Living II: Architectural Experience and Expanded Photography
Jotta: Published: Critical Dialogue 02.04.2012
Sound by Caleb Kelly. A review for a-n interface 02.2012
'Fractured Living: Looking at the work of Neil Ayling and Frauke Dannert'. For a-n Interface. November 2011. http://www.a-n.co.uk/interface/reviews/single/1690859
'Art and Alternative Urbanism: Unofficial Public Space Interventions' part of
'Alternative Urbanisms' Urban Geography Research Group Conference 11th-12th November 2010
'Art as Activism: Should Art be Separated from Activism?' Silent City, online literature. November 2010.
'Dubai Downtown: Alternative Perspectives' Short talk, 22nd October
This Is Not A Gateway Festival 22-24th October 2010
Co-curator, Art & Architecture Lecture Series Spring 2010 'Photography: Mapping the Civic Space' Speakers: Mark Pimlott, Diego Ferrari, Bridget Smith, chaired by Dr Alison Rooke. The Photographer's Gallery, London. 26th April 2010.