Location: Croydon, London
Website: http://www.behance.net/sarahkmurphy

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1991 september- ceramics at Hornimans Museum (yorumba themed exhibition)
1993 June - At Camberwell college of Art - sumner road site (lifedrawings, photography and an instillation piece 'the mind')
1993 - Lewisham library - silkscreen exhibition ('women in the limelight')
1994 - Deptford town hall group silkscreen exhibition (rockbourne youth project)
1995 - At Rockbourne silkscreen workshop - Silkscreen prints
1996 - Degree show at Staffordshire University (Instillation performance Art and photography following theme of sexuality and Religion)
2009 October - portobelio film festival, animated film 'Poles Apart' screened
<a href="http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com/2009/09_westb.html">www.portobello...
2010 September onwards- Two Oil paintings exhibited and still on display at the 'Bullington' public house in Islington Town centre
2010 January- As part of the 'British Shorts film festival' in Germany, animated films 'Trip to the launderette' and 'Poles Apart'.
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2010 May - 'playing with light' included as a matinee screening during the Desert Shorts film fest in Navada.
2010 July - 'playing with light', 'Trip to the Launderette' and 'Poles Apart' screened online through the Freenetworld International film festival.
2010 November- 'Ladyfest 10' 'Poles Apart' featured as one of nine short films chosen to screen in Islington.