Location: London
Website: http://simonveis.blogspot.co.uk/

Simon Veis is a visual artist, born in Athens and currently works in London. His art practice is embracing various mediums including installations, drawing, sculpture, and photography. His work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout Greece. In 2007 he participated in Contemporary Istanbul - International Art Fair represent by Ekfrasi gallery (GR). He is concerned in ideas aboutthe notion of utopia related to architectural projects and the relation between human beings and architectural spaces, proposing to the spectator scenarios of dwelling and space''s exploration. Contemporary and past architectural structures, forms, techniques have been assembled, coexisted and transformed, so as to constitute a single imaginary construction without having any clear boundaries and identity.


Solo exhibitions
Dimensional bodies, Ekfrasi-gianna grammatopoulou Gallery, Athens, Greece

Selected group exhibitions
Art at the Bridge #3, Tower Bridge, London, UK
Metamorphose, Islington Art Factory, London, UK
SE1 Open Studios, Bow Arts, London, UK
Days Later, The Art Foundation (taf), Athens, Greece
I swore I sore, The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK
Deutsche Postbank exhibition, Deutsche Postbank, London, UK
"new arrivals", Ekfrasi-gianna grammatopoulou Gallery, Athens, Greece
Figure-Area-Action 2, Technopolis (Gazi), Athens, Greece
Contemporary Istanbul - International Art Fair (gallery Ekfrasi), Istanbul, Turkey
Rooms to let Festival, of visual arts in action field Kodra-Thessaloniki, Greece
Festival of visual arts in Action field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece
Industry-Innovation in cooperation with, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece
Pixeldance II, video-art festival in action field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece

European Painting & Sculpture Symposium, Ibrahim Calli Art workshop - EU Youth program, Denizli, Turkey (2nd prize).
In-out , Action Field Kodra(Stage-Design group), Thessaloniki, Greece