Simon Page

Location: Kentish Town

I am a visual artist based in London, mainly working in painting, drawing and printmaking. Up until 2019, I was the Head of Painting at Harrow School.

Art Foundation at The Colchester School of Art was followed by a degree in Art and Education at Cambridge University, graduating in 1985. A year on the coast in Devon, at Allhallows School, as Artist in Residence, preceded his appointment at Harrow.

Drawing is central to my work. Drawing directly from observation is a reliable pleasure and is a journey of discovery. It has none of the stresses and anxieties of the studio. It is a great way to begin to better understand the motif. The immediacy of the process bypasses the distraction of over-thinking, and connects the eye, brain and hand to the crayon and paper to respond to the scene unfolding, to deliver a record of an encounter between what is sought and what surprises along the way. I look for opportunities to draw wherever I find myself.

He was the Artist in Residence at Wilderness Festival, 2015, and at Somersault Festival, 2014


Recent solo shows:
Daniel Crouch Rare Books, London, 2017 and 2019 'Physical Energy', and 'Recent Work'
The Old Speech Room Gallery, Harrow School, 2018, 'Physical Energy'