Silvia Ospina

Location: London

My name is Silvia Ospina and I’m a freelance visual artist based in London.
I was born in Colombia in a very creative family and had the opportunity to start drawing when I was very young. My mom is an artist and she still teaches me things till the day of today, so yes…I’m very lucky. When I was 14 I moved to Barcelona with all my family and since then I’ve been moving around… from Colombia to Barcelona till I ended up in London.

I have worked in the design industry for many years now. Luckily the past ones have been developing prints for fashion and textiles, where I can put my drawing and painting skills into practice. I enjoy it and have made a living out of it… but…. my passion is art and painting. I want to make a living out of it one day and be able to express my own ideas and perceptions of the world in a sincere way. I want to be able to express myself through personal projects and make space for that as a priority into my daily live.

I’m hoping to find a place soon in London where I can keep working on my personal projects, get to know other artist and explore this amazing city in a more artistic way.


- Collective exhibition, youn artists from Colombia. 2005 - Bogotá, Colombia.
- Collective exhibition, Dialogo de besugos, Espai d’arts RU – TPK, Granollers - Barcelona.