A-side B-side Gallery

Location: Hackney
Website: www.asidebsidegallery.com

A-side B-side Gallery was founded in late 2011 by artists Tinsel Edwards and Catherine Magnani.

In addition to our gallery space we also maintain studios, in which we house a collective of both emerging and established artists whilst supporting ambitious collaborations within an experimental and evolving creative space.

We are a not for profit company, supported in kind by friends of the gallery, grants and donations.


Routine Depth: Ivy Mai & Jeanine Saurette

Upscape: by Alison Dunhill
Jo Mama’s 2nd Alphabet Show: group show
Sara Hurley: Taste the People from a Distance
Emma Lilly: New Paintings
Desperate Artist Seeking: group show by Desperate Artist Seeking
The Harry Pye Awards: group show curated by Harry Pye
Drawings: by Joseph Paxton
Gongfu & Gongs: hosted by Kat Bumbul and Olivier Schneider
Navigating Proximities by Ana Kazaroff & Alicia reyes McNamara b. Dewitt
Herman's Sermons & American Grill : Vaughn Grylls
A Void : Winnacott Wendesdays
Foreign Bodies: Chairman Kato
What You See Is Not What You Get: Cordwainers Grow
Gengahr and friends present...: Transgressive Records
Black SuperSheroes: by Ese Akpojotor
The Sunday Session: by Robert W Mason
WORN: by Ellen Sampson
Elaborate Ruse: by Charlotte Williams-Foster
Voids Rage - Chimera Bloom: by Alexander Heaton & Mark Metcalfe

Fresh Face: group show by University of East London
More Lace: solo exhibition by Fred Fabre
Crossing the Open Place by Sam Hacking
A Disappearing Exhibition II: Vinyl an exhibition by Transgressive Records
Highlife Soldiers: an exhibition by Labet
Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England by Matt Writtle
The Video Home System: a two-person exhibition
Light of Unity: a group exhibition
The Rebellious Script: Amanda Lwin & Geoffrey Titley
Be Nice: group exhibition
Animal Selves: solo exhibition by Beth Hoyes
‘a feminiszt retrospectiv’: an exhibition of works by Caroline Halliday
RAP-ART IV: live music event
‘Gentle Sin’: photography by Vadim Stein
EMERGE: an exhibition by the graduates from the University of Chester
Reorientated: a Conversation of Different Geographies: Julie Brixey-Williams & Michelle Loa Kum Cheung
‘Breakpoints’: an exhibition of works by Roger Josefsson
HELLO!: group exhibition curated by A-side B-side

The Pattern Keeps Repeating: solo exhibition by Bob Corish
Vaporwave.exe: group exhibition curated by Marvin Watkins & Emma Hutner
CorpografÍas: group exhibition curated by Batubalani Art Projects
WORK IT: group exhibition by Your Beautiful Collective
Blossom: Chrysanthemum: solo exhibition by Camilla ‘Mica’ Daniel
POWER: consumerism & the culture of excess: exhibition curated by Tim Gomersall
TECHNICOLOURED IRREVERENCE: exhibition by Jackson Payne & Zandism
Don't Even Ask:group exhibition curated by Rebecca Wilcox
RAP ART: Exhibition & Event curated by Marina Antonova
Drawing On Therapy: Therapists Who Draw: group exhibition curated by Anna Green
Tropical Safari: group exhibition curated by Jo Cheung & Emily Bakes
OPEN: group exhibition curated by A-side B-side
Parallaxis: group exhibition by The Red Room Creatives
Paper Artist Collective: group exhibition curated by Sam Quinn
Inkling: solo exhibition by Thundercunt
Critical Mass: solo exhibition by Chairman Kato

Polyvinyl Landscape: solo exhibition by Nadine Shaban
Brevity Presents...: group exhibition curated by Edie Evans
Inte/Exte: solo exhibition by Patricia Cain curated by Broth Art
Welcome to Me: solo exhibition by Sarah-Jane Muskett
And the Dark, And the Dark: group exhibition curated by Gemma Kauffman
Bright Smoke: Revisited: solo exhibition by Bryony Marie Fry
House of Tigers: exhibition curated by Adam Bartlett
Scapegoat: group exhibition curated by Winnacot Wednesdays
The Poor Door: group exhibition curated by Tinsel Edwards
London, New York, Paris, Munich...: group exhibition curated by Harry Pye
Animate: a ‘pop-up’ show by Ellie Tate
Gengahr & Friends...: an exhibition curated by Gengahr
Rap-Art: performance & visual art curated by Marina Antonova
Les Noodles Super: group show curated by Anna Choutova
Into the Sun: group exhibition curated by Ivy Mei
WORK: group exhibition curated by A-side B-side
Homelessness & Perceptions of Reality: by Vanessa Gould
WHIM: group exhibition curated by Nathan Baumber
Trip the Light: group exhibition by Chelsea College of Arts
Let Grass Roots Grow: group exhibition curated by Ronan Bowes
Unbroken: an exhibition curated by Jamie Shaw
RAP-ART: an event & exhibition curated by Marina Antonova
Rocco Island: solo exhibition by Andy Donohoe

A Long Way From Home: group show curated by James Davies
In-Between: group show by The North & Found Project
Takk Fyrir: solo exhibition by Marc Sethi
Witch: group show curated by Fans of Feminism
Mind the Gap: solo exhibition by Silvia Lerin
Continuous: solo exhibition by Peter Hodges
Sandra Dieckmann Pop Up Show: solo exhibition by Sandra Dieckmann
All the Fun of the Fair: group show curated by Carousel
Camera City: solo show by Elena Cinquegrana
New Originals: group show curated by Peggah Khashian
Blurred: group show curated by Qila Gill
100 Cats: group show curated by Laura Hughes
Quest For Equilibrium: solo show by Cornelia Taubmann
RAP–ART: curated by Marina Antonova
Open Studio: curated by A-side B-side
Speculative Future: curated by Heather Gray
Familiar Objects Familial Faces: curated by Antonella Ferrari & Silvia Forese
Movement:Artworks: group show curated by Movement:Artworks
Drawing Inspiration: group show curated by Holocaust Memorial Day Fund

Making Culture: group show curated by Martina Colajanni
Connect: group show curated by Fabelist
Tomorrow I’ll Be Elsewhere: group show curated by Sonja Vrkatic & Noemi Niederhauser
Girls Aren’t Funny: group show curated by A-side B-side
I love you because: group show curated by Chloe Mortimer & Harry Pye
being there: group show curated by Jillian Knipe
Canvas: the untold - solo show by Davide Fantoni
25+4: An Urban Fairytale: solo show by Lady Ray
Rupture: group show curated by Marianne Shorten
Mobile__Partitions: solo show by Charlotte Knox-Williams
Japan Now!: group show curated by Hitomi Kimmai
The Call of the Wild: group show curated by Laura Hughes

Dreaming of a Black & White Christmas: Group show curated by A-side B-side
I Remember: group show curated by Harry Pye
March: solo show by Bex Massey
Cut It Out: group show curated by Charlotte Knox-Williams
Everything is the Same: solo show by Daniel Soma
Error 404: group show curated by Ipconfig/flushdns Collective
Tinsel & Twinkle’s Mini Retrospective: curated by Tinsel & Twinkle
Albert Square: the artists move in: group show curated by A-side B-side
Rejected: group show curated by A-side B-side
The Launch: group show curated by A-side B-side