Hugh Somerville

Location: London

Hugh Somerville has been painting and drawing for over 20 years. Mostly self-taught, he has worked in different mediums such as pen and ink, pastels and charcoals, oil pastels, and gouache and watercolour.
He studied at the acclaimed l'Atelier de la Bande-Dessinee in Angouleme, France where he exhibited and was published in the well-known revue, Ego Comme X. He has worked with award-winning animator Run Wrake on his Keith Haring project for U2's Popmart tour.
He has had four solo exhibitions and has produced several art books. His exhibition and accompanying book 'All That Id Is was commended in a personal letter from the legendary cartoonist and artist Ralph Steadman.
Hugh takes inspiration from a wide variety of artistic and literary sources. Artistically his influences range from Northern Rennaisance and Dutch Golden Age to European Symbolism and the underground comic scene of the 1970s/1980s, the film-makers Andrei Tarkovsky and Buster Keaton, and the photographers William Egglestone and Richard Avedon. His literary influences are Franz Kafka, Maxim Gorky, Jorge Luis Borges, Machado de Assis, Anton Chekov, Samuel Beckett, Gustave Flaubert, John Fowles and John Milton. His hero is Droopy Dog.


4 solo exhibitions, London,1997,1999,2001,2012
Hugh Somerville - Bond Street - 1997
All that id is - Clerkenwell 1999
The Powerful and the Powerless - Clerkenwell Studios 2001
Welcome to Shugville - Lumen Gallery 2012
Group Shows
Festival De La Bande-Dessinee, Angouleme, France 1996
The Roundhouse, Camden, London 1999
Battersea Arts Centre, London 2001
Foyle Bookshop Gallery 2012