Shonagh Kerr Galbraith

Location: london

A bit about me; I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Fashion in 2013. My final collection was made from predominantly faux fur, using texture and colour and merging the two in a way that I hadn’t seen before with faux fur!
For the past year I have been working on my business, originally starting of in Alterations and home furnishings back in Scotland, learning more about sewing and fixing, and slowly it grew into what i do now.
I have always loved second hand items, vintage clothing and old vintage fur coats, so coming up with this concept for my business really does mean a lot to me.
I make handmade handbags, cushions and purses from irreparable vintage fur coats. My longings are sourced from salvage shops and charity shops. So the end product is something that is made from old turned into new!
I am taking something that has had such life and so many stories within it, and instead of letting it wither away and be forgotten, I am giving it new life as something that will hopefully bring joy and excitement to someone!
All of the items i make have come from irreparable vintage fur coats on route to the bin!
I only use coats that cannot be fixed, therefore giving that vintage coat, a new life as something different, and a fantastic story to tell your friends! And ensuring no waste! Re-vampl, Re-use, new life!


I trade at Greenwich Market every Sunday.