Shelley Jones

Location: London

From the surreal to the faintly nightmarish, Shelley Jones’ photography and films for extort the reality enveloping its heroines, layering on veils of fairy tale wonder and fogs of melancholy to create something utterly unique. Each with an unwritten narrative that makes raconteurs of us all. Shelley also experiments with photo-manipulation, illustration and pastel art which can be viewed at


Vogue Italia/Photo Vogue gallery at 10 Corso Como in Milan.

Nomination for 'Best Cinematographer' at Underwire Festival 2013 for Short Film 'Revelation'

Official selection at London Short Film Festival 2014 for Short Film 'Revelation'

Official selection at inHOUSE Film Festival 2014 for Short Film's 'Revelation' and 'Space Hoppers in Venice', and Fashion Films 'Obedear', 'Brave', and 'Post-Human'

Official selection at SFIFFF/MODACINE Festival 2012 for 'Obedear'

Vimeo Staff Picks for 'Space Hoppers in Venice'