Syeda Begum


Location: London

My practice is born out of an obsessive need to control and paradoxically a need to escape. Heavily influenced by the urban environment of London, the work reflects my struggle to accept the imposing structures, composition and atmosphere of the city. Drawing on key forms within the architecture or playing with the urban colours of street signs; the works present a multi layered and calculated response to this ever changing environment.

In the current series of works I am playing with the physicality of the material, the flexibility of the canvas, the malleability of aluminium wire or objectivity of wood which often present as obstacles or challenges to overcome. Using paint, pencil, ink and pen, I can manipulate or change the feel of not only a piece of work but of the room it is hanging in. The absence of the artist’s hand and the clinical feel of the pieces create a sense of detachment and disconnection, reflecting my need to avoid and escape my own intrusive and uninviting environment.


- Figments | Menier Gallery, London | 22nd-26th November 2016.
- Acava Open Studios | Mare Street, London | 24th - 25th September 2016.
- Visions | Hoxton Arches, London | 12th - 15th November 2015.
- Drawing in Conversation | Islington Arts Factory, London | 21st - 28th March 2014. Curated by Syeda Begum.
- Eclectic Shock | What If..? Gallery, Dartford | 5th - 17th August 2013.
- Parallax | The Mile End Art Pavilion, London | 30th May - 8th June 2013. Curated by Monica Shanta Brown.
- ACAVA Open Studios (Wandsworth Artist's Open House) | London | October 2012.
- Roy's Tea Salon Party | Commune Cafe, London | 19th September - 19th October 2012.
- Drawing A Masterpiece | West Wing Art Centre, Slough | 3rd-30th July 2012. Curated by Amreen Khan
- Wimbledon College of Art Degree Show 2012 | WCA, London | 14th - 23rd June 2012.