Location: Corfu, Greece & London, UK
Website: www.sashachaitow.co.uk

Sasha Chaitow is a British-Greek artist, writer, lecturer, and scholar of cultural history.

Sasha has been painting since her early teens and studied art and iconography in Corfu, Greece, in the workshops of Corfiot artists Spyros Alamanos, Aggelos Gerakaris, and Nerina Lymperopoulou. She attended Vakalo School of Fine Art in Athens, Greece, has exhibited in Greece, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and her artwork has been published in international cultural journals.

Sasha holds a PhD in cultural history, specializing in the relationship between Symbolist art and esoteric philosophy. She is the author of a book on French Symbolist author and philosopher Joséphin Péladan, and has published numerous articles on topics related to art and culture in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and the USA. She has taught History and Philosophy at the University of Indianapolis, and has lectured extensively in Europe and the USA on related subjects.

She is currently (2016) developing a symbolist collection of paintings "Saving the Lives of Angels", a narrative exploring human creativity and ancient creation myths, which is accompanied by artist talks and live retelling of the myths inspiring the images.

Sasha also owns and curates ICON gallery (www.iconcraft.gr) - home to an arts collective in Corfu, Greece. Currently representing 35 local artists, it is dedicated to the support and promotion of traditional Greek art and specialises in symbolic, spiritual and mythical themes.

For more information, including Sasha’s academic CV and list of publications, visit http://sashachaitow.co.uk/about/

Recent interviews: http://sashachaitow.co.uk/fantast-in-focus-interview-for-the-thinkers-ga...



--- Solo exhibitions ---

- Saving the Lives of Angels (Sep. 2016) //
Exhibit at Trans-States Conference, University of Northampton. 17 works (12 paintings & 5 pencil drawings), advance viewing at Treadwell's, London.
London/Northampton, UK - art exhibition & artist lectures


-Saints of the Word (Oct. 2015) //
12 icons in the traditional style & specialist lecture on the history and symbolism.
Lund/Gothenburg , Sweden - icon exhibition & artist lecture


-Occult Power in Greek Icons (Jul. 2015) //
Pop-up icon exhibit & artist lecture
Treadwell's Bookshop, London


-Death and Rebirth in Philosophy, Literature and Art (Nov. 2009) //
A Dying Society or a Renaissance for the 21st Century?
15 original works on the theme of Gnostic Saints
1st Phoenix Rising International Conference, University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus


-A Child of Earth I am, and of the Starlit Sky (Sept. 2004) //
20 original works on the theme of the angelic fall from grace, alongside prose poetry collection.
Corfu Palace Hotel, Corfu


-Paradise Lost (Aug. /Nov. 2003) //
23 original works on the theme of mythical figures and legends.
Cyprus Cultural Centre, Athens (November); Art Cafe. Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu (August).


-Windows on the World (Aug. 2001) //
20 original works on feminine oppression and representation in art and myth.
Art Cafe. Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu


-Inner Mirrors (Aug. 2000) //
21 original works on the theme of mythical figures and legends.
Cyprus Cultural Centre, Athens (November); Art Cafe. Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu (August).

* * *

--- Group exhibitions ---

- Exhibition and sale of over 50 works on permanent exhibition (2015-2016) // ICON GALLERY, Corfu, Greece. www.iconcraft.gr


- Arts Revolution: Cultural Salon (24-26/1/2014) //
Participation with 4 works from "The Peladan Project" (2013 concept drawings)
Plous Cultural Space, Corfu, Greece


- The City-Metropolis Celebrates Alone (Dec. 2013- Jan. 2014) //
Participation with 2 original works designed for the exhibition theme
Ash in Art Cultural Space, Athens, Greece


- 1st NeoSymbolist Salon (Oct-Nov. 2013) //
Participation with 3 works from "The Peladan Project" (2013 concept drawings), an article in the Salon catalogue, and a lecture on Peladan's philosophy of aesthetics.
Corrala Cultural Centre - Autonomous University of Madrid