Sara Heywood



Sara is an installation artist and artist in education based in London. Her practice uses a variety of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, light and sound. She often creates interactive public encounters that respond to the specifics of a given site; physical, historical or psychological reminders and the moulding of our identity (individually and culturally) through the places we inhabitat or experience everyday. This might also include fantastical places that are inspired by film sets, dreams and flights of fancy.
Alongside her own art practice, Sara has worked as an artist in education for over 5 years and works alongside Bow Arts Education on several projects in primary and secondary school settings.

1996- 94 MA in Fine Art. Edinburgh College of Art
1994- 91 BA Hons in Fine Art - First Class. Edinburgh College of Art
1991- 90 Foundation Studies. Maidstone College of Art & Design (KIAD)