Sania Parvez


Location: London

Sania’s work explores social and political issues largely centred around the experiences of marginalised women, such as women of colour. Using this concept of disillusionment as a catalyst for her work she translates her own experiences, as well as the experiences others, into intricate and textured knit structures. Muted and clashing colours are integral to her design process as they provide the illusion of a second skin whilst not drawing away from the women beneath them. She aims to challenge how knitted fabrics respond on the figure and also how they behave with movement. She has also steered away from traditional knitwear in her creating processes by constructing panels that are stretched across the body to create abstract shapes that expose large areas of the skin. Sania wants her designs to evoke discussions on how society views women of colour and their bodies. Her work embraces and encourages dialogues around the sexuality and empowerment of these women. This is extremely important to her as it will hopefully start to allow women of colour to feel more validated in their fashion choices