Location: Living North London, working East End
Website: www.samuelwoodartist.com


1976 Born, London

1995 Foundation in Art and Design, Central School of Speech and Drama, London

1996 BA Fine Art and Critical Contemporary Theory, Goldsmiths University of London


I am interested in the visual animation of static materials by picturing and defining ideas upon them as matter in its most abstract form. I use displays that have a cell-like geometry and through patterning repetition they create linked planes, which connect with the human-related objects they contain. The objects I select have invisible processes inherent in the residues from their functions of use, that bind in space energy signals directed across their void with a stillness and balanced calm. These are then contrasted with infinitely vivid colours of visual noise mirroring the natural storm of the elemental drives within every human being.

My work acts as a social museum celebrating diverse cultural references, the natural world and a play on historical scenes. Transformations in watchfully fashioned chambers like the starving alchemist's dream of searching for poetic gold at the crude forge or equally the conjuror creating a mirage of delight out of the mechanisms of his props. In this curated space, meanings as illusions of part-imagined objects are staged in their fictions of artifice and illuminated with the structured presence of light. The light alongside the thermal presence in objects also symbolises the polar heat of the body’s warmth and emotion, which is emitted with the self history of memory and recollection. Pent halfway, the installations exist in the fragile mid-point and by tracking the territory between a paradise garden and an infernal sea.


2008 Unnatural Histories, Group Exhibition curated by Myriam Blundell, Nunnery Gallery, London

2011 Connection Point, Group Exhibition curated by Edward Lucie Smith, Bermondsey, London

2012 House of Wolf, Islington, London, three sculptures on permanent display

2013 TAB Project, curated by Who's Jack, Carnaby Street, London

2013 Bay Gallery, London, commissioned sculpture on permanent display

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