Location: London
Website: framelord.ltd

Sam is a socially conscious artist working in London, using the radical potential of playful expression to practice a more understanding, conscious world. Through a multidisciplinary, collaborative practice that includes text, videogames, and performance, he works so that you don't have to.

Sam's most recent project, Saint-Simon's Saw, exists as a mnemonic 24-card card deck, designed to assist decision making, and drawing on a range of previously unfinished works.

Previously, in the photographic essay, Luxury and Genocide, Sam draws attention to the construction of comfort as a colonial practice endemic to the idea of private housing development. This is the most recent work in an ongoing series, Frontiera, that examines post-national practices of capital expansion, and the distillation of power inequality into ecstatic forms such as the theme park and shopping centre.


As a founding member of the Steamship Project Space, Sam has exhibited as part of the recent group shows, Invisible City, and "100" in 2019. Previously, work has been presented at a Technoshamanix conference in Axat, France, and at the Palace Festival, Poland, in 2018. A full exhibition history can be supplied on demand.