Samiur Rahman


Location: London

Samiur Rahman is a creative artist and designer specializing in Arabic Calligraphy. Deep-rooted within the Islamic tradition, Sami started off his journey whilst studying Islamic Theology. It was there he discovered the sacred art of Arabic Calligraphy and has since devoted himself to learning and practicing the art.

He graduated from the Princes School of Traditional Arts in 2017 where he was awarded the Bagri Prize for specializing in Arabic Calligraphy & Geometry applied to various mediums.

Having studied calligraphy under various masters, Sami has training in Naskh, Thuluth, Nastaleeq and Kufic scripts. His work with calligraphy ranges from different techniques, working with wood, ceramics and plaster as well as the traditional ink on paper. His work has been exhibited all over UK as well as having some of his pieces on display at the Museum of Islamic Arts in Malaysia. He has also worked with various Mosques & Centres across UK designing the interior walls.

He has collaborated with numerous organisations including Fresh, Harrods, Arthouse21, Selfridges, Mariott International & Dubai Tourism

Sami has also been teaching for several years, his workshops mainly focussing on Thuluth and Sqaure Kufic fonts. He has also worked on his own script by taking inspiration from variations of Kufic fonts and applying them to a geometric underlying grid.

He launched House of Calligraphy in 2011 alongside Rayhan Siddique and Ismail Hussain who also work on projects.

Sami is also now a part time tutor at the Princes School of Traditional Arts in London (where he graduated from in 2017) teaching courses on their open programme as well as working with the outreach team.


Oct 2018 – Muslim Lifestyle Expo with Arthouse21

July 2017 – End of year Degree Show at School of Traditional Arts

Sep 2016 – Muslim Lifestyle Expo with Arthouse21

Sep 2015 – Muslim Lifestyle Expo with Arthouse21