Sami Haddad

Location: East London

Clay and mix medium artist.
Exploring the expressive aspects of pottery to convey ancient history, philosophy and power of nature. In the last few years it has developed into an installation concept inspired and influenced by public art concept in relation to community art. Utilising other art mediums and the conceptual approach.


Stratford library (1/11/01-31/12/01) Hidden Art Design fair (24-25/11/01)Well-Made (29/11/01) London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (26/10/02 – 25/1/03) Well-Made 2 (29-30/11/02) Well-made 3 (28-29/11/03) 5 Invited Artist (2-16/12/05) Art Help/Red Gate Gallery (14-21/4/06) solo Exhibition/Red Gate Gallery (22-23/6/07) Eco Design fair (24/11/07) 21 Artist London Deep East (30/11/13)