Location: London
Website: www.samcarvosso.com

I have a first class honours in Sculpture from the University of Brighton (2014) and graduated at the Royal College of Art in 2017 with an MA in Sculpture.

My practice considers the role of reality and pseudo realities presented in or represented through the landscape. Using memory, fiction, and the media to question the blurred line between the what we perceive and what actually exists.

Work is made through various media, often concluding in installations of large bodies of work including sculpture, drawing, animation, and sound.

'When Wile E Coyote painted a tunnel on to a wall, he hoped the Roadrunner would crash and die. However to the Coyote’s surprise, the Roadrunner continues flawlessly in to the painting, unharmed.

The notion of creating a space, or pseudo-reality, is a current interest within my practice, particularly focusing on landscapes. These spaces however, are simultaneously created and destroyed from a constant reality check taking place through the reveal of material, placement of found objects, and the raw, perhaps naïve approach to making.

In much the same way Who Framed Roger Rabbit creates a blur between watching a film or cartoon, I hope to make work with an ambiguous stance between coming and going, reality and imagination, display and studio.'



The Worst Seats In The House, SET Studios, London
Moon, When the Calves Grow Hair, Art Licks - Bunkhouse, London
LANDSLIDE, DegreeArt, London
Royal College of Art Degree Show, London
On The Line, The Aram Gallery, London


You Have Not Been Honest, Arsenal, London
Cuticle, Royal College of Art Garden, London
What’s The Point Of It All? 5th Base Gallery, London
Not As We Know It, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
House Project, Camberwell, London
WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London


Xerxes Sculpture Prize 2015, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London
Contemporary Collective - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Emulate, Phantom Factory Virtual Gallery, 2015
CORRESPONDENCE, Brighton, 2015