Sam Malythai


Location: London, UK

I was born in Thailand, grew up in Canada, and lived in New York City. I'm now based in London where I'm working towards completing an art diploma at The Art Academy.

My ART is all about expressing myself. My work ranges from semi-abstract to pure abstract. I create spontaneously, in a rapid fashion, and to let my mood influence the results. My inspiration comes from very diverse sources, from fashion magazines, to photography, to art graffiti in the streets around my neighbourhood. I use those sources as references for colours selection and composition.

The interaction of colours and shapes is important to me. My creative process always takes into account colours, lines and brush marks. I can spend several hours on colour composition. In my work, space and depth doesn't need to be accurate as a focal point. When it comes to the figure, I like to simplify, distort and even exaggerate. I have no boundaries in terms of medium. Mix-media appears frequently in my paintings. I use oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pastel. I paint bold using of vivid colours. When I sculpt, I use fabric, thread, and plastic, mostly from recycling. Anything, I could get my hand on. The level of abstractness, comes from the need to leave a level of mystery to the viewer. What I want to explore next are lines, shapes and colours for conceptual spaces. The need to produce certain contrasts of balance and tension in my work. My intention going forward is to go bigger, more expressive and more abstract!


The Art Academy, 9-13 July
65A Borough High Street London