Develops work as an artist, non-formal learning facilitator and a community worker.
Founds in 1997 Teatro do Elefante, a cultural cooperative that develops artistic projects in informal and non-formal places.
Has made postgraduate studies in Performing Arts at Lisbon Theatre and Film School.
Has a degree in Early Childhood Education, with specialization in Animation and Community Intervention, at Setubal School of Education. Also carries out academic studies in Philosophy and Theatre Studies.
In 2012 and 2013 was one of the artists selected to participate on the international conference 'In name of the arts or in name of the audience?', having the possibility to develop projects in Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and Serralves Museum with the aim to experiment on the relation between fine arts and performing arts on its relation with audiences.
In 2003 received a fellow from the Culture National Centre, with a research-creation project theatre for early years audiences.

She participated in various workshops and seminars for actors - Mask Technique, Biomechanics, Theatrical Aesthetics, Corporal Mime, Theatre Anthropology, Theatre-dance of Bali, Candomblé, Nihon Buyo (Traditional Japanese Dance), Circus, Creative Education and Vocal Technique, among others – under the guidance of Eugenio Barba, Roberta Carreri, Thomas Leabhart, I Made Djimat, Augusto Omolú, Kanichi Hanayagi Raghunath Panigrahi, Julia Varley, Mathias Popp, Abraxa Teatro, Ecaterina Buzoianu, Marcia Haufrecht, Filipe Crawford, Jorge Silva Melo, Tim Torn, Patrícia Portela, Angela Pinto, Manuel Brás da Costa, Paulo Jesus, Institute of Theatrical Expression of Antwerp, and Odin Teatret. She develops studies of Vocal techniques, primarily in the field of Erudite Music, and later in Jazz.
She has also courses on production of cultural activities and project management.
Dedicates, since 1994, to the development of projects that involve art and community, cooperating with several local, national and international organizations, such as schools, companies, NGO’s, municipalities, libraries, museums, among others.
Coordinates international cooperation projects, having developed several partnerships with entities based in Spain, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Denmark, Cape Verde and Brazil.
As a trainer, she facilitated various courses and workshops for children, youth and adults, supporting the development of creative thinking, intervening on the promotion of multidisciplinary actions, involving several areas of work, fostering the exchanges among cultures.
She’s a member of the Portuguese Erasmus+ Youth in Action Trainer's Pool.
Her work is developed on non-formal and informal contexts and with different communities, towards the enhancement of the citizenship relations, reflecting about the possibilities for communitarian participation and development of cultural identity among people.
Also develops activity as a storyteller.