Sabina Suru

Location: London, UK / Bucharest, Romania

I am a Romanian artist, based in London and Bucharest. My main interests revolve around photography and the barely existent boundaries between painting and argentic photography or other alternative and old techniques. I am also interested in how the perception of another changes once the normal elements of communication are shuffled. I officially studied Painting at the University and, unofficially spent most of my time in the photographic lab or on the drawing table, trying to bring these two fields on a common ground, where i would feel at ease and feel i deserve a good coffee at the end of the day!


Weight, the Sea [upcoming], in collaboration with Robin Cracknell, Bucharest [RO] & London [UK], 2015-2017
Obscur [upcoming], independent film, in collaboration with Andrei Stefanescu & QualiaFilm, 2016
Nyx / part of RedReturnProject / in collab with Tony Red & QualiaFilm, 2016
Ambrosia / part of RedReturnProject / in collab with Tony Red & QualiaFilm, 2016
Luffing [upcoming], independent series of short films, Cluj-Napoca/Bucharest [RO]
G on the Lake [upcoming], multimedia project in collaboration with Alina Botei [voice] and Lissajous Conundrum [analogue synth], 2016
Cucuta în ureche [~Flower in your ear] solo show [upcoming], The Room/part of Seabam, Bucharest [RO], 2016
NAG#9 / SpaceFlow, group show [upcoming], Stirbei Palace, Bucharest [RO], 2016
The Room 1.0, group show, The Room/part of Seabam, Bucharest [RO], 2016
Any Given Book​, group show, White Noise Gallery, Roma [IT], 2016
Lab Technician/Analogue Photography Practice, Allkimik, 2014-2016
What about poor Gregor Samsa?, group show, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest [RO], 2015
NAG#8 / The Body Slam​, group show, Home Mătăsari, Bucharest [RO], 2015
Una​, group show, Musette, Bucuresti, Bucharest [RO], 2015
NAG#7 / Debris​, group show, Home Mătăsari, Bucharest [RO], 2013
Collaborator/Assistant Producer, "​Dristor​"­, independent film (Director: Ioan George Pancencu , Producer: Anda Petrache), 2013
Assistant Director, "​Sleep Awake​" ­ independent film (Director: Andrei Ștefănescu, Producer: Anda Petrache), 2012
Start Point​, group show, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest [RO], 2012
Disertation exhibition, Parliament House -­ Brancusi Hall, Bucharest [RO], 2012
Unarte 012​, group show, Cluj­ Napoca [RO], 2012
Femart​., group show, Caminul artei, Bucharest [RO], 2012
O​, solo show/intermedia/installation, Atelier 35, Bucharest [RO], 2010
Clasic vs. Contemporan. Manifest 2009​., group show, Atenee Palace, Bucharest [RO], 2009
Nadja​, multimedia project/sound design, Univ. St. Etienne [FR], 2009