Sabina Tupan


Location: London

Sabina Tupan is a Romanian artist currently based in London. She graduated from the MFA, Fine Arts programme at Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 and obtained a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK in 2012.
Sabina received the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award in 2013 and exhibited internationally by taking part in projects such as the Costumer Experience exhibition held at the Moscow National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Russia), the Between Democracies exhibition held in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Digital Silk Route project with screenings held in New Delhi, Baroda and Bangalore (India).

Her practice combines autobiographical material with current political issues such as female identity, nostalgia in relation to migration and Romanian Communism. Sabina explores these themes through means of story telling and usually approaches child like, low fi and fantasy aesthetics. Along side nostalgia, preoccupation with Feminist issues has run through her artistic practice for many years and gradually became a central theme of interest.



Going Hard: Digbeth First Friday film screening, Grand Union Gallery, Birmingham, UK. 4 November. Curated by Mitra Saboury

Hers; me, Tad Gallery, Denton, Texas, USA. 24 March-13 May. Curated by Araya Vivorakij

Pavilion Open Art Exhibition 2016, Penarth Pier Pavilion, Whales. 17 April-15 May.

Dystophies as apart of The Wrong digital art biennale, Arebyte Gallery, London, U.K. 1 November 2015- 31 January.

Costumer Experience, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia. 24 September- 25 October. Curator: Sasha Burkhanova

In Vain Screening, Unit 8 Project Space, Brighton, UK. 15 September. Curator: Rosie Hermon

EESA- Exhibition: Between Democracies 1989-2014: Memory and commemoration, September 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa. 3-30 September. Curators: Judy Peter and Karen von Veh

Venice Pavilion in London, Hearts Lane Project Space,London, UK. 2-5 July. Curators: Cristiana Bottigella and Tisna Westerhof

Campaign in Vain, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath, UK. 22 May- 7June. Curator: Rosie Hermon

Plan.Open. Neo craft, Arebyte Gallery, London, UK. 22-31 October. Curator: Caroline Jane Harris

Chelsea Arts Club, Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award Exhibition, 09- 15 September. Curator: Donald Smith

Latitude Festival, Big Screen, UK. 17-20 July. Curator: Louise Colbourne

Goldsmiths Degree Show, London, UK. 10-14 July

Re:Tale, Savanah, USA. 18 April. Curator: Miguel Angel Calabria

Digital Silk Route, The State of Origin: Reel and Imagined, Bangalore, India. 22 March. Curator: Bindu Mehra

Borderland – The entropy of identities, Museo de Almeria, Spain, in occasion of the opening of “ARS VISIBILIS II- Festival Miradas de Mujeres 20014”. 13th March. Curator: Luca Curci

Digital Silk Route, The State of Origin: Reel and Imagined, M.S. University, Faculty of Arts, Baroda, India. 6 February. Curator: Bindu Mehra

Digital Silk Route, The State of Origin: Reel and Imagined, Dr. Ambedkar University, New Delhi, India. 12 February. Curator: Bindu Mehra

Border Body, mixing cities & identities, MECA Mediterraneo Centro Artistico, Almeria, Spain. 14 November. Curator: Luca Curci

Opening House, Flat 34, London, United Kingdom. 1 March. Curator: Anne Breure.

Film screening, Parade Gallery, Margate, United Kingdom. 18 January. Curator: Emily Sharp.

Platform Graduate Award, Turner Contemporary, Margate, United Kingdom. 10 October. Curator: Sepake Angiama

Sound pieces “1953” and “Oreille” in collaboration with Marine Ange, Radio en construction, Strasbourg, France. 27 January.

Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania. 17-20 November.

UCA Pop up Gallery, University of Creative Arts, Chatham, United Kingdom. 2 December – 2 January. Curators: Marta Patlewicz and Sebastian James Wigram Kaye.

I Like, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich, Switzerland.

Solo show Digital Daisy Dress, Wold Bank Centre, Bucharest, Romania. 9 March – 9 February. Curator: Razvan Antonescu