Rupert James Baker

Location: London
Website: studio voltaire

Rupert James Baker (54) was born, lives & works in London. The Artist's work derives from his experiences at Barclays Capital Markets at the height of the Thatcher era. Witnessing products and services that conflicted with his own value structure, highlighted by the ethical influence that multinationals contribute to society; powerful enough to cross moral and geographical boundaries, in the pursuit of purely profit.
Baker’s pained and detached work meditates on our attempts to understand the shifting ethical constraints of human life through economic bench-marking and corporate governance. The sadness and tragedy in this work is apparent and is reflected in man’s economic success laying the foundations for his own destruction. Through a critical engagement with his own morals and that of multinational corporations he confronts fundamental questions of where humanity stands in relation to its environment.


Single Person Exhibitions include:
Fear and Greed - Turtle Key Gallery 1994
Please Don’t Manipulate Me - Joshua Briggs Gallery 1996
Securitize Me II – Brixton Pound 2017
Film work:
Half Way There – 45 minute (diptych) – Portobello Film Festival 1999
Don’t Trip Me Up (15 minutes) – Portobello Film Festival 2000