Ruben Hale

Location: London

Access to information is a battleground where governments, corporations and individuals contest who has the right to police and exploit knowledge. The way information is stored, catalogued and distributed, reflects a community’s hierarchies and shared values.

That is why my practice aims to foreground the values taken for granted in the construction of an ‘informed’ citizenry. Against a backdrop of pervasive ideology, this cannot be achieved by exploding the myths which structure everyday life so much as by creating a sense of unease about their invisibility and benignity.

By resetting informational systems, such as archives, information booths and signage, to malfunction I aim to offer a more effective engagement than utopian or critical positions promising resistance. If today’s knowledge economy is inescapable, it is time to circulate a new currency — one in which exchange value itself is de‑commodified by breaking down the implicit consensus through which it operates. A consensus that has foreclosed debate about what kind of people we might be, and the nature of contemporary subjectivity.


Group Shows:
MA Shows, Wimbledon College of Art, 2013
Trust, Morden Hall Park, 2013
Memoria Technica, Nunnery Gallery, 2012