Roza Horowitz


Location: London

I am Roza. Recently graduated from my MFA at the Slade.


Name: Roza Horowitz
Birth date: 4th June 1987

Phone: 07507773991

Living in London
Civil state divorced


MFA Slade School of Fine Art, London 2015-2017

BA KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Hague) 2006-2011

Prizes and awards

2015: Irving Wernick Scholarship

Review recent /future exhibitions

7 – 18 June 2017: Slade School of Fine Art, London: Degree Show

8 th June 2017: Making Connections: Groupshow in JW3, London

22 february- 19th March 2017 : MA and other postgraduates (group)
Atkinson Gallery, Somerset

1-5 October 2016: Slade School of Fine Art, London: Interim Show

29th April-June 7th 2015: Solo Exhibition Jan van der Togt Museum Amstelveen, Netherlands

March 2015: Selected
Solo exhibition at the Sis Josip Gallery in the Hague

February 2015: Drawing Amstelveen
Groupexhibition in the van Weerden Poelmanlaan Studios with: Peter Klashorst, Feike Otto van der Zee, Tobias Osterhaus and Sebastian Haquin.

January 2015: Roza Horowitz Solo

Peter Klashorst Gallery

December 2014: STOP ART NOW

Groupexhibition in the Peter Klashorst Gallery with: Peter Klashorst, Feike Otto van der Zee, Tobias Osterhaus and Sebastian Haquin.

November 2014: Subterraneans
Group exhibition at the Leeds College of Art, with works of Andy Warhol, James Turrel, Yoko Ono etc.

October 2014: De Hommage “daar komen de putters”
Groupexhibition in the Keukenhof Lisse

January2014: Rabbijnen en Memories
Big solo exhibition in the Van Weerden Poelmanlaan studio’s in Amstelveen. The opening was done by: Joop Rubens, Joel Cahen(director of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam and Rabbi Menachem Sebbag.

January 2014: Opening van het Culturele Jaar
Groupexhibition Peter Klashorst gallery

October 2013: Winterreise
Wild portraits of thick layers of oil paint.
Portraits of human.
Monstrous humans.
"Majestuese" color formation.
Abstract cityscapes.
All things blue.
Compulsive urge for painting that dominates.
The living room. - See more at:

July 2013: Sex and Paintings in Kers Gallery Projectspace, Amsterdam
Duo exhibition with Feike Otto van der Zee

July 2013: Russian Summer, in Galerie Rehorst in Den Haag

July: 2013. Sex and Paintings in de Peter Klashorst Gallery in Amsterdam
Duo Exhibition with Feike Otto van der Zee

April 2013: Exhibition “God Shave the Queen “ in the Peter Klashorst Gallery

April 2013: Exhibition Kers Gallery


April 2013: St Maria Galerie
Groupexhibition in the Sint Maria galerie in Rotterdam

February 2013: Art Unit Haarlem
Solo exhibition

January 2013: Gallery Judy Straten
Groupexhibition ‘Portrait’

October 2012: Peter Klashorst Gallery

New York Pop Up Show at Spuistraat 219, Amsterdam

June 2012: Summerexhibition (goup), Gemeentemuseum The Hague:
One of my works ‘ the Feeder’ is chosen to join the Summerexhibition themed: Love in the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague.

May 2012: Kut&Lul exhibition(group) with e.g Feike Otto van der Zee in the Peter Klashorst gallery in Amsterdam

January 2012: Solo exhibition in Arthouse 18 in Naaldwijk

January 2012: Duo Exhibition with Jitske Bakker in Gallery Arti Shock in Den Haag

December 2011: Groupexhibition Dutch Design Hotel in Amsterdam

December 2011: Groupexhibition in Gallery Manifesto in the Hague

September 2011: Groupexhibition in AB4 the Hague

September 2011: Groupexhibition in the Great Church in Breda

August 2011: Groupexhibition in Zic Zerp Gallery in Rotterdam

July 2011: Graduation Exhibition KABK (Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague)