Rositta Priestley

Location: South East London

HatsOff BootsOn: I make vintage-inspired hats and boots incorporating the use of upcycled fabrics and embellishments.

My name is Rositta, I am a London based maker of hats and boots. I particularly love the shapes and styles of the 1920s - 1940s and my inspiration often comes from these periods. I am also very much inspired by the colours and textures of nature. Being a passionate upcycler, I love to breathe new life into fabrics and materials by featuring them in the making of my hats and boots.

My shoemaking experience includes 6 years working in a cooperative of shoemakers where we designed and individually made shoes, boots and sandals for a diverse range of people, including those with challenging foot shapes. This experience was invaluable to me as it allowed me to gain experience in sizing footwear for real feet, and to bridge the gap between the practical job that footwear is meant to do and the idea of a beautiful design.

The cooperative experience of working also involved a great deal of sharing of experience and learning how to work together supporting each other through our creative work. This informs my desire to live and work among a creative community of people.

More recent experience includes working for a bespoke shoemaker in London. From there I went on to develop my own way of working and my own style of making. I am a firm believer that we offer a great part of ourselves in our creations and therefore it is important to allow ourselves the freedom to experiment in our creativity and not be afraid to try new methods whilst respecting the traditional ways.


I am currently developing workshops for people to explore their creativity locally so that they can tap into their creativity through "playing" with fabrics, shapes, colours.