Rodolfo Villaplana

Location: London

Rodolfo Villaplana is a contemporary Pontormo,
Fleshy portraits, erotic nudes, self-portraits, still lifes, vases of hyper-material
flowers, suspended animals: like the three floating deer with their rhythmic movement or like that golden-yellow head of a guinea fowl that plays on the attraction-repulsion of the
colours and the subject.
and matter, whose tall, gangling, mysterious and almost Martian figures open up a tireless curiosity about what is different and Other from us. Frequently stripped naked,
a man rich in nuance, mystery
defenceless: essential. Both indeed express the beauty of tragedy.
Like Pontormo who, for the Capponi chapel in the church of Santa Felicita in
Florence executed in oil on wood the tondo of Saint Matthew (1527-28), a twisted and naked figure, so Villaplana’s portraits are naked and contorted, in awkward positions, often upside down (Liam), with remorseful, lacerated, sagging faces, expressing almost
a discomfort of living, like Jean-Paul Sartre’s La nausée, an existential category.
Like Pontormo, who launched a systematic work of renewal of the traditional
compositional schema, sometimes unscrupulous, seeking to counter pictorial classicism
with an inexhaustible experimental and anti-classicist vein,
Villaplana – a polyglot Spanish Venezuelan artist transplanted to Old Europe – adopts and shifts the canons of Italian Mannerist painting which he makes his own and adapts to
the contemporary scene.
Something of Pontormo then, but also of Rembrandt, Titian and Rothko, the artist re-appropriates both figurative and Expressionist tradition, heralding different quakes.
by Gaia Serena Simionati / Text for Rodolfo Villaplana MoMa Tbilisi solo show.



MA Fine Art. Chelsea College of Art and Design.
Born in Valencia (Venezuela) on January 5, 1975.
24a Clapham road, SW9 0JG, London.


November 2015- Jannuary 2016
Duchamp is dead. Solo show. MoMa Museum of modern art. Georgia
June 2015
Projections. Venice Biennale. Art Venice Biennale 3. Venice
May 2015
Furore. Solo show. MAC Maja arte contemporanea Gallery. via di Monserrato 30, Rome.
October 2014
The Naked and the Nude. Solo show, curated by Olga MacKenzie. 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, London
June-september 2014
ANARCHIVOLTO. Solo Show, curated by Francesca Donata Brollo. Torre Massimiliana. Venice
June 2014
PINTA international art fair. Artlyst media stand. Earls Court exhibition center.
February 2014
Sweatshop. Group show. 55 Dalston Lane, London.
January 2014
London Art Fair. Cynthia Corbett gallery. Business design center. London
October 2013
YOUNG MASTERS PRIZE 2013 - Sphinx Fine Art. London
RAW - 44-48 Wharf rd, London.
September 2013
Chelsea College of art degree show - Chelsea College of art and design. Pimlico. London
July 2013
Transient Inhabitants - The invisible Line. Dalston. London
June 2013
RAW International - Hoxton Gallery. London
January 2012
Group Exhibition – Medici Gallery, 5 Cork Street, W1S 3LQ,
February 2011
Deyabú – paintings by Rodolfo Villaplana and Iván Romero.
Galería Espacios Libres del Municipio El Hatillo. Caracas.
July 2010
Venezuelan contemporary Art - paintings by Rodolfo
Villaplana and Iván Romero. Gift Gallery London
September 2008
Personal exhibition - paintings
Villa Cicolina, Montepulciano, Siena, Italy.
September 2007
Goup exhibition
La Générale, rue du Général Lassale, Paris 19ème.
September 2006
Personal exhibition - En el otro lado
Exhibition curator: Joan Diotaiuti
Galerie Altercultura, c/ Joachim Costa 24, nave 3,
Barcelona. ""
Catalogue: Rivista Galleria Antiquaria n. 253.
September 2006
Group exhibition - Sleep-no-sleep
Organized by P-Ink Europe during the White Night in Rome.
Exhibition curators: Elvira D'Ippoliti, Gabriela di Ventura
e Ilari Valbonesi.
Chiesa del Santo Volto di Gesù, Via della Magliana (XV
Comune), Rome.
June 2006
Group exhibition - Open studios
Art studios, Atelierhaus Mengerzeile. 1-3, mengerzeile st.
Octobre 2004
Group exhibition – Unplugged
Prenzlauer promenade, Berlin.
June 2004
Group exhibition - Open Studios
Art studios, Atelierhaus Mengerzeile. 1-3, mengerzeile st.
Personal exhibition
Erdbeer Space, Mitte, Berlin.
February 2003
Personal exhibition - Beata Ludovica Albertoni (series)
San Francesco d'Assisi a Ripa Grande, Trastevere, Roma.
"" ""
January 2003
Group exhibition - Y.I.A. (Young International Artists)
Social center Rialto Sant'Ambrogio al Ghetto, Roma.
June 2002
Group exhibition - Ci faremo sentire
Care of the city of Rome
Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, E.U.R., Roma.