Rocio Chacon


Location: London

Rocio Chacon likens the intent of her photography to poetry. Chance observations of the world crystallise into ideas, which are often abstract, yet always laced with the human condition.
Light adopts an almost physical presence and a body might shape the space.

Living in London since 2010, Rocio was born in Argentina and moved to Barcelona with her family as a child. Since then, her family has dispersed across even more countries, providing Rocio with many opportunities to find new inspiration in places and people. With an academic background in audio-visual communication and documentary, she has trained also in dance and physical techniques. When moving to London Rocio self trained as a photographer by working her way up within the photography industry. Besides her artistic work, she works on commercial commissions within still life and interiors photography, and specialises in dance, theatre and performance photography, creative projects, promotion and documentation.

In September 2018 she has started a masters degree at London Contemporary Dance School looking to deepen her understanding about dance and developing a personal practice anchored in movement and dance performance.


2016 _ To Inhabit Spaces, St. Margaret House Edinburgh
2018 _ Interarts, The Place London