Robyn Dansie

Location: London

I was born and grew up in Queensland Australia. I have moved from my Melbourne studio in Australia and I am now working in my new studio in Covent Garden London.

My work includes painting, collage, mixed media, prints and installations I enjoy working with the different elements and piecing them together to create some kind of logic and order. There is a fundamental pleasure in connecting images together to create something that did not previously exist. There is a landfill of ideas out there and a universe of nonsense that needs sorting. I am drawn to artists who push the envelope, unafraid of producing works and images that may be confronting, but always thought-provoking.

My main influences are James Rosenquist, Paul Klee, Joseph Cornell, Nick Bantock, Ray Johnson, James Jean, Raymond Pettibon


Australian Exhibitions
Charles Smith Gallery - Fitzroy (2003)
Charles Smith Gallery – Fitzroy (November 2006)
Brunswick St Gallery - Fitzroy (April 2008)
Mario's Cafe - Fitzroy (June 2009)
Red Gallery - North Fitzroy (August 2012)
Mario's Cafe - Fitzroy (October 2012)
Jackman Gallery - St Kilda (February 2013)
Mario's Cafe - Fitzroy (April 2014)
Tacit Contemporary Art - Abbotsford (April 2015)
Red Gallery - North Fitzroy (February 2016)
Tacit Contemporary Art - Abbotsford (December 2016)