Stephen Guy

Location: Whitechapel

I'm drawn towards brightly coloured mixes of mechanics, science, art and performance, the fusing of the imagination with the unavoidable and sometimes annoyingly precise rules of engineering and physics. Or the reconciling of disorder and order. Above all it's fun. You find something in a charity shop, a dolls head say, and animate it by sticking it on a moving mechanism.

These activities are channelled into trying to add the crucial 'A' into STEM subject learning (for the non-cognoscenti, that's adding 'Art' to Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths - STEAM). To this end, I specialise in making kinetic educational kits and teaching resources, run creative mechanical workshops for schools, colleges, science festivals, and develop interactive learning exhibits for science museums, all with a big dose of A.

I generally work as Fire the Inventor, a company I set up with my friend Sarah Alexander from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. It's the public face of the workshops and a focus to encourage the wider pursuits of making, repairing, tinkering and hacking.

From a very early age I was adept at making stuff and taking things apart, doing woodwork and mechanics, even running a bike refurbishment business by the age of eleven. Never did any training in art or mechanics though, I'm all self-taught.


Currently creating exhibits and developing a learning kit for China's Guangdong Science Centre for July 2016, working on a project with the Crafts Council, preparing for the Cheltenham Science Festival, a local London community event and a swathe of summer school workshops.