Robbie O'Keeffe

Location: Hertfordshire & London

Robbie has exhibited in and around London, Including Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Courtyard Arts, UH Galleries, Hundred years Gallery, New artist fair, Chrom Art Tribe ‘16 and Royal Society of British Artists. Robbie was awarded as an RBA scholar by Royal society of British artists in 2013.

Robbie’s art practice stems from the opportunity art allows for us to express something that cannot be clearly uttered, and may even be insignificant if uttered which is why a visual art practice is such a great aid in connecting people and thoughts. Robbie is interested in painting as a way of transference and sending a poetic message rather than confrontation or statement. Yet many themes find its way into painting.

Having graduated from University of Hertfordshire, Robbie has been selected as artist for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2017, and continues to make new work and exhibit around the UK.


January 2018 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries -Block 336, Brixton, London
December 2017 - Chrom Art Winter Sale - 348 Old Street, London
October 2017 - Tribe Art fair - OXO Bargehouse, London
September 2017 - Apintofscience, Creative reactions - Studio spaces Pennington Street, London
September 2017 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries - BALTIC 39, Newcastle
June 2017 - 10th June - UCL Darwin Lecture Theatre - A Pint Of Science
February 2017, 3rd February - 15th February, ‘Pay And Display’ Centrespace gallery, Bristol
30th September - 02 October - Tribe Art 2016 international art exhibition, London, 47- 49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL
September 2016 - New Artist Fair, London
August 2016, 17th August - 2nd September, ASC Summer Exhibition, 30 Celsius. ASC Gallery
July 2016 - Radeltt art Centre, Group show
March 2016, Hundred Years Gallery, group show
February 2016, Courtyard Arts, Group show
February 2015, UH galleries, exhibition ‘Talk amongst yourself’, group show
January 2015, Courtyard Arts, Group show ‘Les Infant Agities’,
Group Show January 2015, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, ‘Share and exchange’
June 2014, Hitchin Art Centre, group show
March 2013, Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, Awarded RBA scholar
March 2012, Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, Annual exhibition
January 2012, Graphics Plus, St. Albans