rebecca salter

Location: London

Currently building a strong reputation and awareness following a series of successful commissions and sales. She aims to deliver professional affordable paintings which celebrate the roots of the traditional master in a modern manner.

Nature is the beautiful organism that dictates our world. It creates and destroys, continually fighting to revert back to the primal landscape it once was.
Natures palate exercises its techniques, attacking surfaces irrespective of composition and structure. The elements take control stripping back surface makeup, to an ever changing canvas of metaphoric shapes.
It can be seen in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption; corroding cliff faces, oxidizing metals or in the mere cracks of the pavement beneath our feet . Whether natural or man-made, exposed surfaces are governed by the elements.
Using a series of multi-media layers, oils and binding resins builds a creation of infused layers. Providing a wealth of textural explorations which express intricate compositions and the aesthetics of my inspiration.


The following exhibitions all resulted in a high level of sales and commissions
Limehouse Gallery, London - Current and on going - The Basement, London - Presents Art by the park Dec 2014 -May 2014 - July 2014 The Others Gallery Four Corners London - March - June 2014 Mad About London - March 2014 Gallery 13 London Feb 2014 Exhibit Here - London
July 2013 Islington Arts Festival London - June 2013 The Strand Gallery London-
July 2012 - Present works sold on Saatchi online - Dec 2011 Commissioned artwork, paintings used for Keith James CD cover and sleeve -
Dec 2010 The Deafcat Rochester Kent - June 2010 Abstraction New Arts centre Chatham Kent - August 2004 - August 2005 Ongoing display of works at Fuse Gallery, Sandwich Kent July 2004 - Thanet Contemporary Art Festival, Margate Kent February 2004 - Visual Pluralism, Gallery IOTA Ramsgate Kent June 2003 - Four Squared, Gallery IOTA Ramsgate Kent April 2003 - The Second Coming, The Old City bar Canterbury Kent March 2003 - Altered View, Gallery IOTA Ramsgate Kent March 2003

Art Education
BA HONS Degree in Fine Art from the University of Kent 2004 GNVQ and A Level qualifications Fine Art obtained from Canterbury College.