Lorna Pridmore


Location: London

Lorna Pridmore’s work involves transformation of found objects and materials into thought-provoking, sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing, new forms.

The works are often made from inconsequential 'stuff' such as cheap synthetic materials, drawing pins, nails, cling film or hair grips. Thinking about the commonplace things we tend to disregard without thought or significance; Lorna is interested in raising a question about that which is seen to be without merit.

Through everyday actions such as pulling, wrapping, clipping, binding, pinning; an idly conceived thing is transfigured into another entirely, making us question our intuitive logic and perceptions. By creating an intangible connection with the ordinary, the commonplace turns into something unexpected. She looks to highlight the nondescript as a means to reconsider the general orchestration of the world around us. We are urged to consider the physical alongside the philosophical in a wider context of perceived thought.

Avoiding the use of additions or fixings; the object is elevated entirely by its own physical merits and not by artificial means. Using investigative, labour intensive, often repetitive processes of construction and deconstruction, Lorna explores points of least resistance between artist and material – the point at which shape shifting occurs and the everyday becomes the extraordinary.

By looking to reveal intrinsic conceptual potential through an empirical making process, she is interested in using simple physical actions to develop a haptic relationship with an object that en masse evolves into a 'thing in itself'. There is an aim to reach a symbiotic relationship with everyday objects from which an understanding of materiality, action and new implications of added signification can be explored.
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Selected Exhibitions

Bow Open Show, Nunnery Gallery
Selected by Carey Young

Platform for Emerging Arts #23, Leyden Gallery
Curators: Lindsay Moran, Adriana Cerne

The Petri Dish
Rotunda Gallery, Leeds
Curators: James Gray, Helen Dryden, Aaron Batey, Yiij Chen

Summer Salon 2017
Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes
Curators: Anna Bleeker, Rolina E Blok, Claire Damary, Alessandra Falbo, Fausto Sanmartino

Lubomirov Angus Hughes Gallery
Open Call. Curators Anna Bleeker, Alessandra Falbo

Summer Salon
Angus-Hughes Gallery
Open Call. Curators: Lubomirov, Angus-Hughes Gallery

Building Volumes
Bath Arts Fringe
Open Call. Curator: Laura Jones

Once Upon a Wintertime
Hackney Downs Studios
Curators: Ellie Harman, Yinjie Sun

Tower Hamlets Spring Open
Mile End Art Pavilion
Curators: SHIFT., Angus-Hughes Gallery, Charlie Dutton Gallery, alisn,

Departure Gallery
Curator: Louise Ashcroft

TRA'LA presents: Dead Time + Negative Space
Goodenough College
Curators: Eleanor Shipman, Rebecca Williams

The Life of Signs
Studio 1.1
Curators: Keran James, Michael Keenan