Amanda Lwin

Location: London

I am a multi-disciplinary maker of Things about Places. I work across medium and form – whether of metalwork, glass, textiles, installation or events – exploring the interface between landscapes, cities, buildings and people. My work uncovers the stories that places and spaces tell about ourselves.
I prefer to think of my three-dimensional work not as sculpture, but as artefact. The type of object that might have been collected by Sigmund Freud (had he been a psychogeographer). In other words, I’m more interested in the story an object embodies in its materiality: its specific form or finish is a means to an end. Likewise, I’m not especially attached to newness, originality, or individuality of expression. I want my artefacts to look like everything you’ve dreamt of but nothing you’ve seen. Like the deep, reptilian parts of your brain interpreting the world.
I grew up in Beckton, a Thatcher-era suburb in the London Docklands, where the built environment attempted but didn’t quite succeed in obliterating traces of the industrial landscape. I studied architecture and urban design and these themes continue to pervade my work, but I’m more interested in the shape of things beyond their immediate design. What hidden meanings do we build into our systems and landscapes? When does a city, which is made of bricks and mortar, transform into nostalgia, mythology or desire? What impulses can be read in the landscapes that we shape?


[ Solo / Duo ]

2017 – The Rebellious Script, with Geoff Titley – A-Side B-Side Gallery, part of Art Licks weekend (London)
2017 – The Cartographer Tries to Map her Way to Deptford – Deli X, part of Deptford X Fringe (London)

[ Group ]

2017 – Kleptomania – Stoke Newington Library (London)
2017 – IG11 Arts Trail – National Trust Eastbury Manor (London)
2017 – Original 200 – Cupola Contemporary (Sheffield)
2017 – Summer Salon – Lubomirov Angus-Hughes (London)
2017 – Locality – Divine Locale Contemporary Arts Festival (Derby)
2017 – Platforms Projects Art Fair, with Lubomirov Angus-Hughes (Athens)
2017 – Stimulus – Greenhouse (Berlin)
2017 – Antennae – Lubomirov Angus-Hughes (London)
2017 – Summer Exhibition – Boundary Road Gallery (London)
2017 – Open Contemporary Young Artist Award Show – Biscuit Factory (Newcastle)
2017 – Open Houses Arts Trail – Saltaire Inspired (Yorkshire)
2017 – In the Basement – Star of Kings (London)
2017 – Stimulus – Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus (Athens)
2016 – At This Point in Time – Scottish Arts Club (Edinburgh)
2016 – ING Discerning Eye – Mall Galleries (London)

[ Creative Production & Curating ]

2016 – Avian Avenue (Stoke-on-Trent)
2015-16 – Castle Drogo Inside Out – National Trust Castle Drogo (Devon, UK)
2012 – The Bird House (London)
2011-13 – Sound Tracks Festival (London)