Phoebe Ridgway


Location: Forest Gate

Phoebe Ridgway recently graduated with a high first class degree from a Fine Art course at Leeds College of Art.
Ridgway seeks to represent a cyclical idea of landscape, informed by the sense of a remembered place. The work investigates the journey and context of the remembered place, generating a comprehensive vision of past memories. Ridgway grasps moments that remain with her and uses them as motifs, which lay nestled within the paintings. These moments are entwined with the human presence on the land, forever following and altering, interrupting and intruding into the ever-changing rhythmic arrangement of the natural environment. The paintings examine these instances with a retrospective glance, attempting to make something full-bodied and rich with experiences. The paintings offer a consideration of place, a place shown as a holistic entity, one that shows an accumulation of instances, all co-mingling to suggest a totality.



2017 - Fully Awake - Glasgow

2017 - Free Range - Truman Brewery, London

2017 - Once more with feeling - Leeds College of Art, Leeds

2017 - Pancake Mx - Studio 24, Leeds

2017 - Fair Exchange - Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

2016 - Painting Fo'sho - Lady Beck Studios, Leeds

2016 - & - Aire Place Studios, Leeds

2016 - XOXO - Live Art Bistro, Leeds

2015 - I'll Show You Mine - Leeds

2015 - Shift Happens - Studio 24, Leeds