Peter Barber

Location: UK wide

Peter Barber is a fine artist and modern mural painter. He specialises in spray painted figures and murals. His personal work is at home outdoors, along side other street artists and graffiti artist.

Commercially Pete’s work and skills are hugely diverse. His work is always bespoke and custom designed for a space to commission.

Success include painting Britain’s largest mural, completing a portrait of Jessica Ennis unveiled by herself and producing murals to decorate the Home of the “Gorrilaz” at studio 13.

“The creative endeavour most exciting me at the moment is my collaboration with Rebecca Smith from Urban Projections. STYLUS is our unique innovation bringing together projection mapping and hand painted mural to create a living mural. This collaboration has taken us to the Saatchi Gallery, Budapest for Coca Cola and we have featured on New York street art blog -the Wooster Collective”.