Alex Birkeland-Green

Location: London & Avebury, Wiltshire.

Trans woman fine artist, working through the process of transformation. l work the medium that best suits my ideas, oil, acrylic to digital, installation, performance and the written word. The themes of my work explore and challenge sexuality, desire, occult and cultural taboos. What is masculine...what is feminine...what is instinct?

The human spirit, mind and primal within us that drives us on.
The skin of society over the living human animal; I'm drawn to the boundaries, the lungs, where the gases exchange...Soho for one.

Graduate fine art '93 Caerleon, Gwent, former LBIPP Photographer, arts teacher. Founder of ArtUK & Co-founder, WAA(World Artists association) worlds first interactive artists exhibition. Self employed artist, hypermedia consultant.


F Stop media station Bath 1996, 'DigitalChaos' International Cyber Conference 1996, World Artists Association 1998/9/2000, Impressions Gallery, Bath 2001.
White Horse, Marlborough, Wiltshire 2018