Paul Burgess

Location: Bethnal Green

My main practice exists somewhere between live art, installation, digital art and experimental theatre. Although I trained as a theatre designer, and still do some work in that area, I'm especially interested in working outside the conventional frames of theatrical practice, creating installation environments that enable collaborations with other artists, often but not always with a performance element.

I'm the artistic director of Daedalus Theatre Company, a Tower Hamlets-based organisation which specialises in collaborative, research-based experimental work. I also co-run Scale, a collaborative, multi-displinary investigation into urban environments which has led to projects across the UK and in Siberia. The Scale Project, which I co-founded with Simon Daw, made the hugely popular Every Brilliant Thing installation for Nabokov and Latitude Festival and Slice:London-Lahore, a project that linked London's East End to Lahore in Paksistan, bringing together 10 artists from each city.
I additionally teach evening classes at Goldsmiths and have previously taught one-off classes at Kingston, St Mary's, Queen Mary, Edgehill and London Metroplitan Universities, and Central School of Speech and Drama. I was involved with setting up the now defunct theatre course at the National College of Arts, Pakistan, where I taught and made work, and have also worked in several other countries - most recently Vietnam and India.

I am a trustee (and currently chair) of The King's Hall Trust for the Arts, a University of Oxford-based charity which supports grassroots education in the arts. I have also run numerous arts workshops for young people, including schools' workshops for Daedalus, and I used to work part-time for the inclusive arts charity Youth CREATE.
I paint too. This is no longer a central to my practice but I do accept commissions from time to time. And I have one other string to my bow (as it were), which is that I play the fiddle, mainly with
The Black Smock Band.