Olivia Twist

Location: London
Website: www.yesoliviatwist.com

Olivia Twist is an illustrator from east London who graduated from the Royal College of Art this year with an MA in Visual Communication.The key threads which can be found in her work are place, the mundane and overlooked narratives. Her striking visual language comprises of a myriad of esoteric layers informed by a propensity for human-centered research methodologies.

She is determined to make the arts, heritage institutions and arts education more accessible and representative of their local communities. Olivia has a strong interest in participatory design, relational aesthetics and documenting social history as it unfolds.

As a practitioner her aims are to provide her audience with 'the shock of the familiar',to encourage taking up space and to stir intergenerational discussion.


–WE ARE HERE @ Alev lenz Studio, July 2017
–3:45_Herstory @ Wolverhampton art gallery, June 2017
–Draw @ Hockney Gallery, May 2017
–Afroportraitism @ Republic gallery, May 2017
–Seen and Unseen @ University of Central Lancashire, April 2017
–Belief and Beyond Belief festival @ Southbank centre, March 2017
–Work in Progress @ Royal College of art, January 2017
–Aint I beautiful? @ The job centre Deptford, November 2016
–Decolonise not diversify @ Impact hub (Birmingham), October 2016
–Smokey tails. Hoxton, October 2016
–BBG SHOOBZ @ Buster mantis, August 2016
–Brick and salt @ French Riviera, August 2016
–Bare Fuckeries @ T Chance's Tottenham, July 2016
–National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education @ San Francisco (USA), June 2016
–Ridley Road Records @ Doomed gallery, May 2016
–See them @ Ridley road market, May 2016
–Secret 2016 @ Royal College of Art, April 2016
–Research Design Publish @ Royal College of Art, April 2016
–The Missing Chapter @ Autograph-ABP, January 2016
–Black history Festival @ Chelsea School of Art, November 2015
–An ode to Black British artistry @ Hoxton Basement, October 2015
–Diaspora Britain @ Millennium Point (Birmingham), October 2015
–Makeba @ Richmix centre, September 2015
–Acts of looking; Africa Utopia @ Southbank centre, September 2015
–SXWKS presents DREALITY @ The Bussey Building, August 2015
–Black British Girlhood @ Centre for better mental health, July 2015
–Input>Output; Degree show @ LCC (UAL), June 2015
–All that Jazz @ Stage3 Hackney Empire, January 2015
–SXWKS @ The Rag factory, August 2014