Location: London
Website: www.oliviastrange.com

Everyday objects are both my starting point for making installations, as well as notional vehicles for escape. My practice is lead by an interrogation of this duality and a reflection of my own
metaphysical, intangible relationship with objects, as well as how what an object ‘is’ is defined.
By using everyday objects inmaking installation art, the meaning and value of that object,
generally determined by its use, is transferred and the object takes on new authorship.
These concepts have formed the basis of my current practice and have developed significantly since I started the MA at Chelsea.
Historically, I have made multi-media analogue installations, however more recently, digital media has influenced my work. This shift in my practice towards sound and video has enabled me to
create immersive installations that aim to evoke a ‘heightened consciousness’ in the viewer in order to make manifest the intangible, metaphysical relationships that exist with objects. The use of text and writing have also become an intrinsic part of my practice both in the work itself and in developing ideas.
Drawing on contemporary discourse around the post-internet digital landscape, the work is
characterized by a layered narrative which explores the meaning of object and materiality through themes of fantasy and reality, whilst often examining mundane and repetitive cycles of everyday life. Specifically, the contemporary office space has provided context for the underlying narrative in my recent work.
Fundamentally, this work is about the fragility of fantasy which can only exist as a result of the reality within which it is anchored. It attempts to address the horror of a reality that is repeated
ad nauseum – which in this case, is contextualised by my experiences of the contemporary
office space and all that it represents. This inter-relationship between reality and repetition
creates the necessity for a ‘portal’ to a utopian dreamscape. Ultimately, objects are the vehicle for this imaginary escape which provides momentary relief. Through a visual narrative manufactured of whimsy and drama, the work attempts to explore this idea that objects are simply containers that are the segue between our innermost fears and fantasies versus the notion that the fantasy is constructed via a flimsy idealism resulting in an image suggestive of a post-traumatic, dystopian ‘holiday’ landscape.


2016, Susak Expo 2016 – Group show on the Island of Susak, Croatia
2016, Dracaena You Take Me Away - Solo exhibition at Punctum Gallery, London
2016, Conversation in Progress, The Mills Centre, Highgate, London
2015, Fly By The Seat Of Your Pantsuit - Chelsea College of Art, London
2015, The Independent Artists Fair - Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London
2014, Number 90 Bar and Kitchen Gallery – Hackney Wick, London
2013, The Independent Artists Fair - Mile End Art Pavilion, London
2011, Public Art Commission - Richmix Wall Project Commission, London