Olivia-Fayne Lamb


Location: East london
Website: www.oliviafayne.com

(Wanted to upload loads of pieces but the files are too large :(please see website but mainly instagram link for all mediums of artwork)

I'm a designer / artist living in East London.

I set up my design business over 3 years ago at age 22. (www.oliviafayne.com)

I've never been the 'type' to set up a business but it appears i proved all my teachers wrong which is a great feeling and why i always believe anyone is capable of anything they put their mind to! Since my business began to go global I have started to experiment with different medias and have recently started to take on new projects.

One being a collaboration with global leading brand Flash Tattoos creating a pack of temp tattoos which helped raise money for the miracle foundation in India. This is by far one of my favourite projects, not just because it was a huge opportunity but because I was able to help others at the same time! There is nothing better than being able to use something you enjoy to benefit a great cause.

My most recent project was with Dr Martens. They sent over a pair of docs and I customised them with my artwork. Following that I was asked to do a resdency in store to customise people's Docs at the Camden store opening! dr martens is one of my favourite brands so this opportunity meant a lot to me.

Attached is a link to the interview :) http://blog.drmartens.com/diy-docs-olivia-fayne/

I have my first ever exhibition coming up called 'Permanent Reminders' in Hoxton on the 4th and 5th of August. This is to launch the paintings and different mediums of work I create. I gave myself 9 months to prepare as I love a challenge! We're 2 months away so am currently looking for a studio as I use the spare room in our flat at this moment in time and it's getting pretty full!
I'm hopping to find a studio space, and to meet other likeminded artists. And of course welcome any opportunities that come my way :) one thing i have missed about working from home is interaction with others, and think it would benefit myself and other hugely to collaborate on projects and view exhibits! This is one of the main reasons i have joined the bow arts scheme, i think elevating each other artistically can never be a bad thing!

i upload most of my work and projects to my instagram which you can visit here :)



Solo exhibition coming up on the 4th and 5th of August
Hoxton arches
'Permanent Reminders'