Location: London
Website: www.oliverjameswatt.com


Contemporary British artist Oliver Watt was born in Suffolk, and currently lives and works in London. A self-taught artist, Oliver started painting at a very young age.

His artistic talents were nurtured by studying Art and Design while at College and University. His artworks are predominantly abstract in style and characterised by textured earthy tones and harmonious colours. Much of his work takes inspiration from literature, culture, history, poetry and also how we perceive the world around us.

Oliver’s pieces are snapshots of his artistic perception of his inspiration – be it feelings, images, words evoked from a poem or his visualisation of skylines. The paintings are dream-like, visions or flashbacks, or movements in time in any direction.

Oliver’s style evolved from his pursuit of looking at life in different ways. His art supports that reality is not always realistic.

Oliver undertakes commissions and works with clients to translate their ideas to create unique pieces. If you are interested in any works or would like to discuss his art then please contact him.