Oliver Salmon


Location: Pimlico, London

My practice incorporates many different mediums and approaches that have expanded from painting into using film, objects, sculpture and sound.

In early work, I used regurgitated political media images and questioned how we receive information through rearticulating the materials in newly constructed sculptural spaces, creating schizoid atmospheres into which visual representations of political figures as targeted by the British media were projected.

My practice then continued to develop by using different mediums and subject matters. Working through how sound can work in conjunction with sculptural objects. In 2011 I went on to create a site-specific installation in an old church using analogue radios to play out minimalist edit-loops of industrial noise. I felt the demise of analogue technology reflected the decline of local churches, and considered how the breakdown of social structures provides opportunities in the development in contemporary art.

Recently, through my experience of working school about to be closed, where the majority of people were unsure of their future, I became acutely aware of the importance of social matters effecting the present, particularly in situations where there is no apparent clear path and when language becomes unclear. I progressed with this idea towards an interest in British Sculpture from the 60’s - 80’s, particularly that of Barry Flanagan, and used simply acquired materials to create semi figurative abstract sculptures, influenced by the stories of Kafka and Borges that bring social dislocation and normality under scrutiny.

Currently, I believe in creating a practice that deals with the human obsession of trying to understand things. By using mainstream culture and influences of ritual and primitive art, I want to communicate something that challenges the interpretation of “the now”, as we perceive it.


09/11:Nervous Objects, The Light Industrial Theatre, London
04/10: FLOPPELGANGERS, The old TK Maxx, Leeds,
06/09: The Degree Show, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds
03/09: NCND, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds
02/09: SAMENHANG, MAP Gallery, Leeds
09/08: The Battle of Art, Dialogue of Culture, Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany.
08/08: Das Wunderkammer, Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany.
04/08: Paintings, Prints and Photographs, Toms Gallery, Brighton.
03/07: Exhibition, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds.
06/05: End Show, Suffolk College, Ipswich.

01/10 - 07/10: Studio manager, Novgorod Warehouse Studios, Leeds.
03/09: Brake Sweep, Sound Project with Chris Watson, presented at Leeds Metropolitan University.
02/09: Residency at the Frans Masereel Centre, Belgium.
08/08 - 09/08: Participant at the European Exchange Academy, Beelitz-Heilstatten, Berlin, 2008.