Location: London
Website: http://www.nyethompson.co.uk

My childhood was spent in the quiet, isolated Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth. Growing up I headed straight to London and have lived there ever since. My first degree was in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, where many of my classmates went onto become YBA superstars. I took a different path and started working with computers. When the Web was invented in the early 90s I was in the first wave of creatives to get involved. Since then I have worked in web technologies, focussing on user experience and software design. A particular passion is in finding ways that software can extract meaning and insight from unstructured data. I recently completed an MA in Fine Art at the Cass School of Art, where I was awarded a Distinction.

A lot of my artwork uses e-waste, the detritus of our fast-moving, technological lifestyle. Much of this is sourced from my workplace, where we need to constantly upgrade our hardware to operate effectively. I am interested in the history of these things as discarded parts of the great global network, emptied of their animating spirit, but also in their physical objecthood. Many of these unassuming and unremarked objects have an incidental beauty of their own. By dissecting and remaking them I am exploring the relationship between the tangible and the virtual, and also the interfaces where the two meet.

My work tends to be investigative and analytical, working in direct response to the materials or environment at hand. One recent piece, "bl1nkinG we eMerge n2 the lite", consists of large scale digital prints of giant composite robotic creatures. The creatures appear to have assembled themselves, following basic organic principles, out of discarded electronic components, and are now engaged in the basic activities of all life forms: feeding and spawning. The initial images were created by collaging images from an out-of-date electrical components catalogue.

I was awarded the 2014 Islington Exhibits Artist Award. Recently I was nominated by the artist Bob & Roberta Smith for inclusion in Castlefield Gallery’s survey of “artist(s) who they consider to be shaping the future of contemporary art”


<a href="http://www.castlefieldgallery.co.uk/event/30-years-of-the-future/">30 Years of the Future</a>. Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

<a href="http://www.museumofthesharednow.org/">Museum of the Shared Now</a>. An interactive pop-up art show, using crowd-sourced content from the local community. London Met, Holloway Road, London. Part of Islington Exhibits 2014

<a href="http://slurp-show.tumblr.com/">SLURP!</a> | London Canal Museum, London

<a href="http://thought-atlas.tumblr.com">Thought Atlas: The Cass MA Show 2013</a> | Spring House, Holloway Road, London

<a href="http://ma-interim.tumblr.com/">M-INT The Cass MA Fine Art & MA Photography Interim Show</a> | The Cass Gallery, London

<a href="http://thestrangeimpression.tumblr.com/">The strange impression of seeing things for the first time</a> | Group show |Mile End Art Pavilion, London

l51.515434 N l-0.06925889 W | Group show | Chorak, East Finchley, London