Nisha Halai

Location: London, UK


My name is Nisha Halai. I live and work in London and travel across the UK facilitating workshops for health, wellbeing and creative freedom.

I bring opportunities to explore the Self as a Fourfold human being with a holistic capacity for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

My hope for my Transpersonal Art Therapy is that it inspires your soul transformation towards greater self awareness, harmony, freedom and authenticity.

I have realised that right observation of colour, sound and movement, helps me to feel more embodied and heart-centred.

To be able to inspire others to express feelings by connecting to themselves and each other through art-making, is my greatest joy.

Through Transpersonal Art Therapy, my intention is to support you to realise your highest freedom and harmony.

I hope to meet you soon, as part of our journey as both apples and seeds on the great tree of life.

For anyone who is open and willing to trust the work and my ability to hold space for you, please feel free to contact me for upcoming workshop dates.